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Nurse alleged to have given infant medication intended for mother

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2013 | Nursing Negligence |

The birth of a child should be a time of joy for a parent. However, when medical professionals, such as doctors or nurses, act negligently when providing post-birth care to an infant and the mother, what should be a joyous time can quickly become one of worry and concern. Such negligence can cause infants to suffer great harm. No parent in Illinois should have to experience their infant child getting hurt by doctor negligence or nurse negligence.

Thus, one hopes that all medical professionals make sure to act in a proper manner when providing post-birth care. This includes taking proper care when administering medications to an infant or a mother.

Recently, allegations of negligent post-birth care have arisen in another state.

The matter involves an infant who was born at a hospital in Pennsylvania in July. After the birth, the infant and the baby’s mother received care in the hospital’s maternity ward.

Police allege that, during this care, a nurse at the hospital committed a medication error. According to authorities, the nurse accidentally gave the infant a pain medication that was intended for the mother.

Police said that the baby’s health got worse after this medication was given, but that the baby managed to recover. The Centre Daily Times article which reported this story did not mention if the infant is expected to experience any long-term effects from the alleged medication error.

Police currently are in the process of investigating the alleged medication error. One wonders what findings this investigation will yield.

One also wonders if the alleged error will lead to any civil claims being brought against the nurse or the hospital.

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