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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Failure to diagnose leads to $70 million verdict

The birth of a child is miraculous moment for Illinois families and others around the nation. Many tests are conducted shortly after the birth to evaluate a newborn's condition. Examinations and additional tests are also common throughout a child's life. Unfortunately, a failure to diagnose an issue in a child can result in delays and complications. A family in another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after experiencing this devastation.

Lawsuit filed over hospital's failure to diagnose man's condition

Hospitals in Illinois and throughout the country routinely make errors in their care of patients. In most situations, these errors are reparable and patients recover and may even be unaware something amiss occurred. However, some errors by medical providers can prove fatal. The survivors of a man who passed away last year have recently sued a hospital, other medical groups and physicians in another state for failure to diagnose his condition.

Doctor's failure to diagnose condition led to his probation

Illinois residents seek the services of physicians every day when various symptoms arise. Doctors routinely diagnose medical conditions and plan treatments accordingly. Patients accept the diagnoses and treatments because of the physicians' extensive training and expertise. However, a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a specific condition can lead to catastrophic results.

Getting a 2nd Opinion Could Save Your Life

The Mayo Clinic recently published results of an investigation of patients referred to its General Internal Medicine Division for second opinions. Researchers found that 21% of the patients in the study went home with a completely different diagnosis than the one they had from their referring provider. Sixty-seven percent left with a modified diagnosis and only 12% of patients' diagnoses remained unchanged after their visit.

Failure to diagnose led to catastrophic results

Many Illinois residents look to their doctors for answers regarding unexplained symptoms. In some cases, a doctor may dismiss a patient's complaints and make a quick diagnosis based on a cursory examination. A patient may challenge that diagnosis when he or she strongly believes there is something else causing the problem. Unfortunately, a young woman in another state was recently correct in her assumption that she had a more serious complication. The doctor's failure to diagnose her condition led to tragic results.

Failure to diagnose cancer may have led to man's death

The loss of a loved one in Illinois or elsewhere in the country is a tragedy to the surviving family members. More grief can occur when it is determined that negligence played a part in the death. A woman in another state accuses a doctor and the hospital system with which he is associated with a failure to diagnose her husband correctly, causing his death.

Misdiagnoses lead to complaint of hospital medical malpractice

Hospital errors often lead to devastating results for families in Illinois and across the country. A complaint has recently been filed against a hospital in another state by a woman who claims her father died after medical malpractice. The woman alleges that misdiagnoses of her father's condition as well as a delay in his treatment were the cause of his death in 2005. She is also seeking damages for the mental anguish she experienced as well as for her father's suffering.

Doctors' failure to diagnose teen illness leads to tragedy

A parent's worst nightmare is watching a child grow sicker and sicker. Parents in Illinois may try home remedies or over-the-counter medication at first. When the symptoms do not improve, a visit to the doctor may be warranted. If the condition becomes worse, the parents may feel a trip to the emergency room is the next step. After taking these steps, a doctor's failure to diagnose the problem may be frustrating and terrifying.

Failure to diagnose ailments could lead to wrongful death

Illinois residents may be interested in a medical malpractice case currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that the case involves parents whose 10-year-old son died after the failure to diagnose his ailment reportedly resulted in his being prematurely discharged from the emergency room. The parents had taken the boy to the hospital after he was having difficulty breathing and did not response to treatments provided by his pediatrician.

Illinois parents may worry about failure to diagnose, malpractice

Illinois residents may be interested in a medical malpractice claim currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that the mother of a 1-year-old child is hoping to have medical providers held accountable for the failure to diagnose an issue with her son. She apparently took the child to the doctor when he was 8 months old due to having a fever and rash. The doctors cited a viral infection and did not carry out further tests though the mother requested them.


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