Help When You've Experienced Malpractice In A Chicago Emergency Room

When an illness or injury leaves you in need of immediate medical attention, you place your trust in the doctors, nurses and staff in an emergency room to provide the prompt, accurate care you need. In these critical moments, hospital and emergency room personnel negligence can cause irreversible harm or even death to ER patients.

At Pfaff, Gill & Ports, Ltd., a Chicago, Illinois, medical malpractice law firm, we advocate aggressively for clients who have been injured due to negligence in an emergency room, helping them secure the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Our seasoned attorneys represent clients in cases involving a wide range of errors in the emergency room, including:

Personal Attention For Patients Injured Due To Emergency Room Negligence

When you've been injured during emergency care, the ripple effects can reach all areas of your life. At Pfaff, Gill & Ports, Ltd., we take the time to learn about our clients and their situations, so we can offer legal advice tailored to their needs and concerns. We work hard to help clients secure the compensation they deserve, so that they can concentrate on healing.

In the hectic rush of the emergency room, patients are often left with few answers about what went wrong or who was really at fault for their injuries. Our seasoned attorneys conduct thorough investigations, working with well-respected medical experts, to build strong arguments that protect clients' rights and help them find the best resolutions possible.

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