Current Cases

These are some of the cases of interest we are currently working on:

  • T.P. v. Provena - Doctor negligently prescribed a heavy narcotic causing an overdose and subsequent stroke.
  • J.D. v. M.W., young girl sexually assaulted by an adult male on a supervised camping trip.
  • S.U. v. Osco Pharmacy - We represent a man who suffers from tardive dyskinesia and dystonia as the result of having been negligently prescribed the drug Reglan for more than 6 years.  Suit is pending against the family practice physician who gave the drug for years without knowledge of a black box warning from the drug's manufacturer that is should only be used for 12 weeks except in rare cases.  We also sued the pharmacy that dispensed the drug as it should have been aware of the manufacturer's warnings, yet neglected to alert the patient or the doctor of the warning. Our client is disabled from his employment as a Local 134 electrician due to his injuries.
  • Estate of T.E. v. Pekin Hospital and Dr. Dwayne McQuitty - Dr. McQuitty negligently operated on a 35-year-old man and caused post-operative bleeding. He compounded his error by negligently failing to diagnose and treat the bleeding. The patient bled to death at the hospital, leaving his wife surviving.
  • L.T. v. Methodist Medical Center, et al. - Our client came to the hospital for elective surgery on her shoulder. During the peri-operative period, she arrested. During her continued care, hospital personnel oversaw her suffer decreased circulation to her legs that led to both legs being amputated below the knees.